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Race to the Bottom Web

Portland Police Bureau Racing to the Bottom

We have been bargaining over the wages for the Police Administrative Support classification series, which includes Police Records Specialists, Police Records Training Coordinators, Police Desk Clerks, Police Administrative Support Specialists and the leads and trainees associated with these classes. Over the past several months, the City was willing to meet with us a total of […]

Police Records

PPB Staffing Shortage? What Staffing Shortage?

On September 24th, the City finally offered a counter proposal over the impact of the City’s $15 minimum wage ordinance passed on February 18, 2015. The main impact of the ordinance upon our members is within the Police Administrative Support Classification Series, which includes several job classifications that are currently below the required $15 minimum. […]

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Hard Line Bargaining Tactics at the Portland Housing Bureau

After five months of bargaining with the City over the successor collective bargaining agreement at the Portland Housing Bureau, we have only one tentatively agreed to Article. The City has offered nothing but “supposals” (a word only existing in the City of Portland’s lexicon referring to proposals that the City believes are non-binding) since March. […]